Year 5 in Dalt-Vila and the Necropolis de Puig des Molins

On Tuesday 11th October, Year 5 went on a school trip to Ibiza town in order to visit two of the most important historical and cultural spots on the island: Dalt Vila and the Necrópolis de Puig des Molins.

The visit started at Portal Nou, one of the five gates into the old town, from where we walked up to Sant Jaume’s bastion. The children learned about the different construction periods of the walls around Dalt Vila, as well as how antique weapons were used to defend those walls.

Back at Parque Reina Sofía and after having a little rest and a snack, we visited the Necrópolis de Puig des Molins, founded in the Vll century BC by the Phoenicians and which nowadays is considered the most important necropolis in the Western Mediterranean; the studies on those archaeological excavations are key to understand the Punic – Phoenician culture all over the world. The children visited the excavations area as well as the museum, where they could admire plenty of Punic, Phoenician and Roman objects found in Ibiza.

It was a very pleasant day in which the Year 5 children learned about the origin of the human settlement on this beautiful island where we live; they could get in touch with the Spanish language and enjoy a sunny day together with their classmates and teachers in Ibiza town.

María Mérida and the Year 5 team.

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