Year 3 Rocks!

As part of our Science lessons we have been studying rocks and soils. To bring the subject to life we took a trip to the fascinating caves in San Miguel.
We arrived early in the morning and travelled down the steps which have been cut out of the rock. From the steps, the children could see right across the bay of Puerto San Miguel. We had fun looking out across the sea at the islands of Murada and Ferradura and we held on tight as we made our way down to the mouth of the cave which is approximately 12 metres above sea level.
Our helpful guide told us that the caves are 100,000 years old. We saw impressive stalagmites and stalactites that have formed throughout the years. As we wondered through the caves, we were shown the place where fossilised bones of rodents were found! We watched the water flowing through the water courses and collecting in pools. Lastly, we enjoyed the spectacular light show which illuminates the largest waterfall in the cave.
Not only did we learn about the formation of the rocks inside the cave, but also about the history of its discovery. The cave was found by smugglers and pirates who used it as a secret hideaway to stash away any goods which they wanted to bring illegally onto the island. From inside the cave, we could see the hole which the smugglers used to lift goods up from sea level. We also saw the red and black markings on the cave walls which the pirates used to find their way around the cave.
Thea Hart

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