The world of work

As part of the careers programme, students in Years 12 and 13 were coached in writing CVs and covering letters to apply for a job from a selection that reflected possible career paths. Students were then interviewed by local professionals for a range of jobs. Those applying for the role of a business associate manager were interviewed by Mr Vijay Thakur. Mrs Pamela Daly grilled students who had prepared for an English language assistant job and Mr Neil Beechey interviewed students for a personal trainer job.
After the interview process was over students were given feedback and received commemorative certificates. Congratulations to our winning candidates Alex Thomson and Oriane Pietersoone. Tristan Thieme and Billy Blue Wilson deserve a special mention, as do Spencer Clifton and Kit Sidlow who wore a range of terrific ties!

Year 12 students Milo, Oriane and Kit found the activity a valuable insight into the world of work. “It was really useful to understand what the interview process is like: the sorts of questions that are asked and the importance of presenting yourself well” said Milo, who had a mock interview for a personal training job. “The fact that we were being interviewed by someone who worked in the sector and who we´d never met before made it all the more real.” Oriane, who interviewed for a teaching position, agreed, adding, “The activity made me think hard about my strengths and weaknesses.” Kit also had an interview for a teaching position and found the feedback especially helpful. “I had some useful comments about my interview technique which I´ll definitely be able to put in to practice” he said.

Alan Sugar look out – here comes Morna!

Pamela Daly interviewed the Year 12 and 13 students for the the position of Assistant English Teacher in a UK school.
“The questions were particularly searching and demanding and not many young people could have dealt with being asked about their suitability for the position, their skills, qualities, strengths and weaknesses. However, they surpassed themselves not only with the quality of their interview responses but also with their letters of application and curriculum vitae. In fact some candidates even submitted personal statements: no mean feat for Sixth Form students to produce! I was also impressed with the way each student presented themselves punctually and in business dress ready for their interview. Making the final choice was not easy as all of the candidates were articulate and impressive in different ways. Well done Oriane for securing the position, a worthy winner and a big thank you to all the candidates for their professionalism, good humour and – in some cases – out and out charm!”

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