Education at Morna International College

Morna International College broadly follows the English National Curriculum, but with a much more international focus in our choice of syllabus contents.  All lessons are taught in English apart from foreign languages. Spanish is compulsory for all children throughout the college and students can choose German or French as a third language when they enter Year 7.  Spanish native students follow courses in Spanish and Catalan languages and Spanish social sciences, which ensures full recognition of their studies in the host country.

In the upper secondary section our pupils prepare for international GCSE and ‘A’ level qualifications. These are recognised for access to higher education in the UK, in Spain and in the majority of countries around the world. A broad range of subjects are offered so that, within the overall curriculum, programmes of study can be adapted to the needs and aspirations of each pupil. There is considerable flexibility both in the number and the level of qualifications taken, so that all students have the opportunity to successfully complete their chosen courses.

We are an inclusive college and our selection process allows entry to all children who we consider capable of taking full advantage of the education we offer. New students who do not speak English as their native language sit a short assessment in English and maths to ascertain the level of support they require in accessing the curriculum.
We have a strong support structure in place, in order to ensure that we can effectively attend to pupils with specific needs, ranging from those with learning difficulties to those who are gifted or talented. Our teaching staff includes an SEN (special educational needs) department and also a specialist team of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers who support those students who require additional English lessons in order to access the curriculum and make progress in their learning.

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