SOUND on sound

As part of their AS Music Technology coursework, Year 12 students Billy Wilson and Ti Thieme visited Ibiza’s Sonic Vista Recording Studios in February for their multi-track recording task. The students were required to record a commercially available piece of music as opposed to an original student composition. They will be assessed on the quality of sound and how well they mix and balance the final finished track. Both Billy and Ti were in sole charge of the recording of a version of the song “Maps” by the American indie band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs which was performed on the day by Morna’s very own music teachers – Phil Dobie on the guitar and bass, drums by Mike Wake and vocals from Nell Shakespeare.
From suitable microphone selection and placement to the appropriate use of equalization and effects at the mixing stage, the students have produced and engineered the song to the final mastering stage.
Were they successful? Judge for yourself by listening to Billy and Ti’s final versions of Maps at
Phil Dobie

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