Sixth Form

A Levels and Options: ‘A’ Levels are courses undertaken by students in Years 12 and 13 leading to official qualifications. The qualifications are normally split into two modules, one covered during each year of the 6th form (Year 12 and Year 13).
During the first year students complete ‘AS’ (Advanced Supplementary) qualifications while during the second year they complete ‘A2′ courses leading to the full ‘A’ level qualification. These conclude a student’s study at Morna International College and provide them with the necessary qualifications to gain entrance to universities all over the world.
Unlike the IGCSE programme in Years 10 and 11, there are no ‘core’ subjects to follow. Students build up their own portfolio of subjects according to their interests and the requirements for accessing the higher education courses of their choice.
Normally students take three or four ‘A’ level courses. Sometimes they take as many as five.

The subjects normally offered for ‘AS’ and ‘A’ level are as follows:

• Art and Design
• Biology
• Business Studies
• Chemistry
• Economics
• English Language
• English Literature
• German
• History
• Information Technology
• Mathematics (including Further Mathematics)
• Music Technology
• Photography
• Physics
• Psychology
• Spanish
• Sports Leadership (level 3 qualification)
• Thinking Skills

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