School Lunches

Homemade @ Morna
Catering at Morna has become one of its best features over the last few years since we built our own kitchens, cafeteria and re-designed the dining room . Our Head chef is Omar Mendez who is a culinary whizz. Omar, who is originally from Venezuela, took on this project with gusto, he runs the kitchen to an extraordinarily high standard.
Buffet menus are designed with the approval of Sonia Torres (Nutricentre) a qualified dietitian. Omar is a qualified Sushi chef, making Sushi days legendary at Morna. Themed country days are also a weekly event, giving the children a taste into cuisines from around the globe. Omar has 7 people to manage in his team who together, provide a consistent high level of food services to our school.







Cafeteria is the other option which uses a cashless system, a bespoke system that gives students and parents a wide range of flexibility when choosing food. Orders are made in advance, either the same day before 11:50 or even multiple days in advance. Our students can also make orders on the tactile screens that are dotted around the school. During their designated time slots, students go to the cafeteria to collect their customised lunch order, using their fingerprint as the payment.



Fresh Produce
We have recently rented 10,000m2 from the neighbor at the bottom of the school grounds. We have created our own “Morna Garden Project” allowing us to grow our own fresh produce. We have added 50 chickens who live in the “Morna Chicken palace” who provide the school with all the fresh eggs that we need. We have planted over 50 trees including orange, lime, lemon, khaki, avocado, nisperos, grapefruit, plum and pomegranate. We have grown tomatoes, carrots, aubergines, lettuce, radish, beetroot and onions to mention but a few.




Lunch arrangements for Foundation Stage
Obligatory Buffet service
Price = 450€ per term (approx. 7.70€ per day)

Lunch arrangements for Y1-Y3
Obligatory Buffet service
Price = 540€ per term (approx. 9.20€ per day)

Lunch options for Primary Y4 upwards & Secondary School
• Buffet Service
Sign up per term 540€ (Primary) approx. 9.20€ per day.
Ad hoc basis = 10.90€ per day (Paid for through cashless account).
Children are seated in the dining room.

Sign up per term 630€ (Secondary) approx. 10.80€ per day.
Ad hoc basis = 11.90€ per day (Paid for through cashless account).
Children are seated in the dining room.

• Cafeteria Service (cashless system).
Parents must add funds to account with a credit card.
Orders made online or on the big screens around the school before 11:50 for the same day service.
Children collect order using fingerprint recognition.
Children are seated on the picnic benches (cold and wet days either in packed lunchroom / classrooms).
If the cashless account balance goes to 10.00€ or less a warning E-mail is sent prompting a top up of credit.

• Packed Lunch
Children can bring packed lunch from home, there are fridges in each block to store food safely, re-heating food is currently not available (Primary).
Children are seated in the packed lunchroom (or currently in classrooms due to Covid pandemic).

• Mix of all 3
It is possible to mix up all 3 options, check the buffet menu for the month and choose the days, there is no need to pre-order, just turn up at the dining room use finger print and funds from cashless account. Other days bring food from home or make a cafeteria order.

If a child comes to school with no packed lunch and no order made on the cashless system, then they will be sent to the dining room for a buffet lunch.

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