Sand Dune Study in Ses Salinas

In March we went on a Geography field trip for our AS Level coastal studies module. We visited Ses Salinas National Park to study the coastal sand dune system. Our goal was to evaluate the visitor management strategies used for protecting the sand dune system. We travelled down to Es Cavallet and Ses Salinas, as they are well known for their beautiful biodiversity and sand dune ecosystem.
The weather was lovely and sun was out making it a great day for a field trip. Walking along the beach front we noticed a variety of coastal management schemes. There had been fencing put up in place to prevent wandering tourists, and an abundance of signs in different languages to inform all beach goers of the importance of the ecosystem.
We discovered a great a many things along our walk, and on our way back along the salt marshes we came upon some flamingoes and black-winged stilts. Black-winged stilts depend on the ecosystem to breed and raise their offspring. Also the sand dunes are a nesting and feeding ground for migratory birds, hedgehogs and newts.
Our field trip helped me realise how sand dune systems are extremely important to an area but also how fragile they can be. As tourists and locals we do have a direct impact on these beautiful places, and need to allow them to regenerate. To assess this area fully we’ll be returning there in September during the tourist season to evaluate the impact of visitors have had since March.
Amelia, Year 12

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