A very warm welcome to Morna Primary, to those of you who are already part of our amazing school and also to everyone visiting us for the first time!

At Morna International College we have a positive, caring and nurturing ethos  where all children are valued, respected and encouraged to maximise their potential. Every child matters and every success is celebrated. We aim to build a community clearly based on our core values where children are encouraged to be Motivated, Organised, Resilient, Nurtured, Achievers. We aim to lay the foundations for life-long learning where our children leave us as well-rounded citizens, feeling fulfilled, challenged and inspired. 

Friendship, mutual respect and learning are central to everything we do. We encourage all children to be happy, active learners and to develop ideas, independence and a vision of what they want to achieve. As a result, our children thrive and have the confidence to achieve both their personal and academic best because they feel safe, secure and able to take risks. 

We hope every child takes with them very happy and memorable memories of their experience at Morna.

In the Primary School, our curriculum is very important to us. It is full of positive experiences that our students will remember. We ensure our children develop all the skills they need to be confident, independent and successful learners.

We deliver the UK National Curriculum through creative topics. For example, in the Chocolate topic, students learn about nutrition in Science, develop writing skills in English whilst studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and research trade and the climates of chocolate-producing countries in Geography. Stimulating, exciting and well-resourced lessons mean children become fully absorbed in our cross-curricular approach to learning.

Our aim is to spark a desire for life-long learning in our children. By including multiple curricula subjects in each topic, school is made relevant and meaningful for our children. We use a variety of approaches to explore and deliver our topics to stimulate our children to become inquisitive and passionate learners. You can find out more about the topics we are teaching this term using the links below.

If you would like any more information about our school or would like to arrange a visit please contact us.

Kind regards,

Fiona Robertson
Head of Primary


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