Pablo Picasso said:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Morna International College prides itself on being a great supporter and leader of the Arts. Every year students are challenged and pushed towards taking ownership of their work. Each child has the opportunity to develop personal pieces of work which challenge perceptions and ideas about ourselves and the world around us.
KS3 is about variety. Whilst students experiment with a range of media they also are taught the core skills including drawing, painting and 3D design. Year 7 students have tackled issues such as the environment and the role of the artist as an advocate for change in our society. The focus in Year 8 has been cultural identity. Students have had the opportunity to work on creating skull sculptures out of clay based on themselves and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. Year 9 is all about making a statement this year and students have been creating work that has tackled issues ranging from war to racism to mental illness.
At GCSE, students have been able to explore a range of themes. Year 10 reinvented the urban landscape and Year 11 students generated work based on the abstract notions of Order and Disorder and Together and/or Apart.
Our incredibly versatile A Level students produced work in a range of media including photography, video, drawing, painting and installations. Themes such as Relationships and Flaws, Perfections and/or Compromises were investigated in a mature and exciting way. The outcomes have been contemporary, conceptual and, most importantly, innovative and personal.
Well done to all our talented and creative students at Morna!
Yanni Gatibelza

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