Mud pies, music and millipedes

This year we have been developing the outdoor area for the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage to enjoy. We have lots of exciting new areas for the children to explore and so far we have all had great fun playing and investigating!
Our country house garden has been very popular, especially during our topic on growing. We have spent lots of time digging with spades and shovels and filling the plant pots. We are very much looking forward to the hotter weather when we can put real water in our watering cans!
Our insect hotel is a new home for creepy crawlies and has brought out the very caring side of our children. We have learnt not to squash the insects we find and to take them for a holiday in our insect hotel. We have searched high and low with our magnifying glasses and found all sorts of multi-legged creatures.

After all the time we have spent in our music hall we should be famous musicians! The pan wall has been a favourite as we can bang and crash and make as much noise as we possibly can.
Our allotment is where we can grow our own food. We have started growing lots of different fruits, vegetables and herbs. We cannot wait to taste our delicious food when it has grown.
We have had lots of fun hiding and playing games inside our den. We have been reading books to each other, playing hide and seek and creating our own role play stories.
Our laboratory has been a very exciting addition to our outdoor area. We have already loved being scientists with water and there are even more potions to be made and experiments taking place in the next few weeks with fizzy pop, glitter and food colouring.

We are very good at building in our Foundation Stage unit and we are developing our skills on our very own construction site. We have built towers, castles and houses and we look so professional while wearing our hard hats!
Our mud kitchen and café is one of our favourite new areas. We have been chefs, waiters and waitresses and very hungry customers. We have loved writing down orders and then preparing lots of tasty mud pies, paellas and yummy, scrummy delights for the customers. We will be introducing water into this area in the next few weeks and we are looking forward to being served some really sloppy, muddy treats.
We have very much enjoyed developing and enhancing our outdoor area this year and we hope that the children can explore, giggle, experiment and have fun for many years to come!
Amy Earnshaw

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