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Date: 17/12/2014

I played the supporting lead in the play ‘What’s New Pussycat?’ and the whole experience was incredible. After a timid audition I was given the part of Harriet, a mill worker and the owner of Puss. We were a cast of around thirty students from Years 7 through to 10. Rehearsing after school and at weekends, we pushed ourselves with our singing, dancing and acting. It was hard work. When the night of the performance came on the 17th of December the nerves definitely kicked in. Backstage was a bustling mixture of apprehension and hairspray. The chorus opened the play and I remember standing in the wings shaking as my scene came nearer. As I walked on stage the stage lights shone brightly in my eyes and the audience stared up at us. I was jittery at first but once the initial shock of hundreds of pairs of eyes watching me wore off, I could enjoy the performance. We didn´t need to worry – it went perfectly! Everyone was great and the standing ovation was our reward. On the first night of two it happened to be my birthday and along with applause the whole cast sang to me. It was a wonderful moment that brought us all together and signalled the end to a great night. I would like to say a huge thank you to Claire, our choreographer, Tess, our costume designer, and of course to Shelley and Johnny, our directors, who work so hard to make this opportunity available to us.
Zoe, Year 10

This year I took part in the school play playing the part of Girl 2. We rehearsed like crazy and I think that the audience could tell that we had worked very hard to remember all our lines and dance moves. Backstage was the hair, makeup and costume department and they did a great job. Clare choreographed some fantastic dances. Sydney and Zoe were the main characters and they gave a professional performance. There were lots of songs to learn and I loved learning the dance to the song “All the Single Ladies” by Beyoncé.
Rachele, Year 7


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