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Dear Diary…
I had great fun enjoying in the afternoon activities on the ski trip. On Monday we visited the city of Alhambra. We walked around the city and found out amazing stories and facts. We learned the story of Granada’s civilization and how it developed to become how it is now. I mostly enjoyed exploring secret paths which led to beautiful buildings full of history.
The first day on the slopes I put my skis and ski boots on and set off to the snow. I got into my ski group and made my way to the ski lifts. The fun had just started… we laughed as people flew out of the skiing lifts. They got to their feet and all the groups set off for the mountains.
After a long day of skiing on Tuesday afternoon we visited the cultural areas of the ancient town. What I enjoyed best about the city was a river called Rio Genil which had a very interesting history behind it. In Medieval times they found gold in the river.
All instructors were incredibly kind and patient. Two hours of skiing happily and then we had lunch and after that we had our last ski lesson of the day. We left thinking of the awesome but exhausting day we had just had.
We went to the famous Science park in Granada. It was my favourite thing. It had all type of attractions and games to help us learn new facts about Science. It had an area about mummies and a whale heart.
The snowboarders went to the snow park and did amazing stunts. The beginners went to ski on the green slopes and the advanced group went to ski on the black slopes. The more advanced skiers had an amazing view of Africa from the top of the mountain. It was freezing and windy!
On Thursday after our last day skiing we came back to the hotel and packed our suitcases. We were all really sad about leaving the charming city of Granada on Friday.
Nieves, Claudia, Oliver and Maxi, Year 7

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