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Date: 19/04/2015

If you ever have wondered what is special about our school and our island then the events on a sunny Sunday morning in April in the beautiful town centre of Santa Eulalia tell you all you need to know.

At 8.45am the Mediterranean sun was already warming up the clear blue skies and there was a buzz in the air.  Our students, teachers and parents arrived in droves, a sea of blue tshirts, registering themselves and family members for the annual 1.5km race around the streets organised by the local council.

Matt and I were overwhelmed by the attendance of staff, students, friends and family.  Even the Mayor of Santa Eulalia thanked us personally for our support. The race organisers also made a special announcement over the loud speakers during the final stages of the race.

Our students made their way down to the start line and took their positions at the front.  The race was awash with blue Morna vests. It was a privilege to see and bought a tear to our eyes.

“Preparados, listos, ya!” and the race was off. Crowds cheered as the 365 participants sped off at an almighty pace – teachers and parents spread sporadically amongst the younger members, some as pacemakers, some as running partners, and all supporting the children and our school.

First across the finish line for Morna was Year 6´s Todd Potter who completed the route in an outstanding time of 7 minutes and 40 seconds. Maisie Young deserves a special mention for her time of 8 minutes and 18 seconds, as does Angel Bermejo Vilas in Year 3 who completed the circuit on crutches after damaging his ankle a week before the event!

However, in the eyes of Matt and myself and your teachers, parents and friends, everyone was a winner.  The effort and determination of each and every student and participant deserve a special mention. A big thank you and congratulations to each and every one of you. Roll on 2016!

Claire Layzell and Matt Sheppard

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