Explosive science in year 5

The end of the Spring Term went out with a pyroclastic bang. Following on from their amazing assembly on natural disasters, Year 5 went on to design and explode their own volcanoes. In class the children had already learned about volcanoes; the causes of a volcanic eruption and the resulting damage. Pupills combined their knowledge with independent research to find out more about chemical reactions.
They then tested the chemical reactions at home to decide which would be the best to make their volcano explode!
After the children had developed their volcano they brought them into school to demonstrate how their eruption worked.
It was very evident that the children had thought about their eruptions very carefully and spent a lot of time creating their volcanoes as on eruption day we were presented with a range of fantastic designs and explosions!
We really enjoyed seeing the hard work of our students pay off – they were very proud of their volcanoes and it was great to see them presented to the class.
Ross Clifton and Sophie Dillon

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