Environmental project “Plastic is not Fantastic”

The second term came to a spectacular finish with the environmental day celebration. The common theme of plastic pollution was adopted by both the primary and secondary sections and for several weeks prior to the concluding event, pupils were bringing used plastic bottles into school and working on converting these into useful objects. Many of these, such as the plastic vertical gardens or the bird feeders, can now be seen as ongoing displays within the school site. A huge plastic wave sculpture also started to take shape and work on this will continue until the summer, when it will form part of the Oceanic exhibition in Ibiza.
The “plastic is not fantastic” theme was brought to life on the stage on Friday 7th April, with an outstanding selection of musical and drama items, twelve in total, provided by secondary and primary pupils. The event was supported by guest speakers from “Ibiza Preservation Fund” and “La Casita Verde”.
The plastic theme will be ongoing throughout the rest of this school year, the wave sculpture will continue to grow and our students will have the opportunity to participate in beach cleaning expeditions.

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