Behind the scenes at the 2015 Yearbook!

Students from the Secondary School Journalism Club led by their mentor Miss Chapman, have been instrumental in the compilation of this Yearbook.

They also had the chance to peek behind the scenes of the production of the 2015 Yearbook during a visit to InMedia Design Studios in Santa Eulalia.

“We saw how the pages of the Yearbook you are now holding were put together using Photoshop and Indesign. It made us realise how much time goes into the design: backgrounds are selected and tweaked, fonts are deliberated over and images are edited.

The Secondary School Journalism Club is a new addition to the after-school activities on offer at Morna.
In addition to working hard to get the Yearbook produced we have looked at press releases, the news cycle, press ethics and have even designed and published our own blogs!”

A big thank you to the journalism club and to the many, many other people who have assisted in bringing this latest edition of the Yearbook to you.

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