Welcome to Morna

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Morna International College.

Our school now has over fifty years of history, educating children from Ibiza’s international and local communities. While our highly developed modern facilities have changed a great deal since the days of the original “Morna Valley School” site, the school retains the core belief that children are the most important part of the education process.

We offer an international version of the British education system, leading to qualifications with worldwide recognition. Our students receive a broad education taught in English and can use their results to access universities across the world, no matter their country of origin.

The flexibility of this system allows us to offer an education adapted to our international context. For example, we ensure that our students receive thorough preparation in the use of the Spanish language, and we ensure they are guided to choose a combination of subjects that are compatible with the qualification requirements of their country of origin, as well as their university of choice.

Above all, we take advantage of the freedom that the system allows us to create an educational offer in line with our own priorities. We believe all students should be able to identify, develop and consolidate their individual talents and strengths. Therefore, as well as aiming for academic excellence, we provide a wide range of opportunities for the holistic development of our students in areas such as sport, science, arts, technology, humanities, and literature.

Morna International College is a supportive and happy environment with a staff dedicated to helping our students achieve the very best that they can. We encourage our students to be creative, to take initiative and to develop the skills required to become life-long learners.

We also encourage our students to be internationally minded and to celebrate the diversity of culture and experiences that exist on the island, in Spain and the world beyond.

By educating children, we are preparing them for future success and happiness. In our school we aim foster self-confidence and self-belief, we develop our student’s ability to work with others, but also give them opportunities to lead. We motivate our students to be excited by challenges and new experiences, and in doing so create resilient, independent learners that are excited by what the future has in store for them.

We are very proud of our school and our fantastic students, but the best way to appreciate what we have to offer is to come and see for yourselves. Choosing a school is a very important decision, therefore, I very much encourage you to visit us in person and take the opportunity to get to know us better.

Best wishes.
Bernie Cox. B.A hons (Queen Mary University London).
Head Teacher.




Adrian Massam

While Adrian Massam has moved on from his role as Head teacher here at Morna, he retains a strong link with the school as an educational adviser. As well as being a very experienced school leader, Adrian is also the President of NABSS. His expert advice and guidance will be extremely useful as we continue to move the school forward.

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