Examination Results

We are an examination centre for both Pearson Edexcel Qualifications  and Cambridge Assessment International Education

Normally our students take IGCSE examinations in Year 11, GCE ‘AS’ examinations in Year 12 and GCE ‘A’ level examinations in Year 13. Sometimes early entries are allowed, mainly in languages but also occasionally in other subjects such as mathematics.

We consider pass rates at GCSE as a key indicator of our academic attainment. However, as a school with a non-selective intake from varied backgrounds our priority, over and above our results statistics, is that each student reaches their maximum potential.

There is some annual fluctuation in pass rates as our cohorts are not large, but in  general our expectation is that 85% to 90% of all entries score passing grades (9 to 4) in GCSE.

This compares very favourably with non-selective intake schools in the UK and abroad,

For ‘A’ levels, our students have achieved pass rates close to 100% in recent years and sometimes over half of the results are grades A*, A or B. Our sixth form students have historically been very successful in gaining entry to the university of their choice.

Results June 2022

GCSE passes (9 to 4): 88%
GCSE higher grades (9 to 7): 44%

‘A’ level passes (A* to E): 97%
‘A’ level higher grades (A* to B): 59%

University places obtained by the 2022 graduating class include: Kings College London (Economics and Management), Kings College London (Business Management), University of Manchester (Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry), Regents University (Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology), Bristol University of West England (Robotics), University of Bath (Management), University of Zurich (Chemistry), Glion Institute of Higher Education (International Hospitality Business), University of Westminster (Sports Management), IE University, Madrid (Interior Design), IE University, Madrid (Visual Communication), Buckingham University (Business Management).

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