Entry Requirements

The college has an inclusive admissions policy, which means that, in principle, all students are eligible to enter the school, provided that the school can cater for their needs and they have a suitable level of English for their age group. Prospective students are assessed in English and Maths and must provide copies of past school reports to ensure we can target our programmes effectively for each child’s individual needs.

Provided the entrance test results, past school reports and interview where applicable are satisfactory, and there is space in the appropriate class, a place will be offered.

Pupils who do not speak English as a first language will be considered as long as satisfactory support strategies can be established, which may include a commitment for extra tuition after school hours.

Detailed entry requirements for specific year groups:

Children are admitted into the nursery class when they are three years old. Children have to be fully potty trained and free of wearing nappies. There is no minimum level of English required, although an understanding of the language is an advantage.
Children are admitted into the Reception class when they are 4 years old. As with the nursery class, there is no minimum level of English required, although an understanding of the language is an advantage. It is expected that children are fully potty trained by this age,
YEARS 1 & 2
For students applying for places in Years 1 & 2 some knowledge of the English language, both spoken and written, would be a distinct advantage.
Parents with children in this age group, should please make an appointment to visit the school and for their child to be assessed by the class teacher or member of the academic staff. Assessments are compulsory for all children wishing to attend Morna International College and tasks set out in the assessment are taken from the objectives outlined in the UK National Curriculum.
For students applying for places in Year 3 to 6 a sound knowledge of the English language, both spoken and written is required.
Parents with children in this age group, should make an appointment to visit the school and for their child to be assessed. Entrance tests are carried out for English language and Maths in order to ascertain the child’s level. All tests are compulsory and are set using the objectives as set out by the UK National Curriculum.
YEARS 10 TO 11
Admission into the IGCSE programme is subject to students having the necessary academic preparation and potential to be able to follow these courses. Entrance test are compulsory in English language and Maths.
Admission into the 6th Form is subject to students having a minimum of 5 A* to C grades at IGCSE or equivalent. A minimum of a B grade is preferred in the subject that the student wishes to study at A level. There are however subjects that require no prior knowledge at IGCSE level.

In all cases, students are initially admitted on a three-month probationary period.

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